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welcome to the home of manzano monarchs football

The tradition continues... The Monarch football team has carried the same flag onto the field with them since 9/14/01 in remembrance of 9/11/01.


April 26 - Football open field workouts - 10:00 am - Lomas Blvd.
If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Ms. Herrera at 505-573-0632 Please see the attached flier and a video below:


May 13 - Powder Puff - 3:00 pm - MHS Soccer Field
$1 Admission Fee

 May 18 - Booster Meeting - 6:00 pm - K bldg. Lounge (Clock Tower)

May 19 - Mandatory Parent Meeting - 6:00 pm - MHS Cafeteria

SAVE THE DATEJuly 25 - 12th Annual Golf Tournament

June 10 - 1st Day of Summer Workouts (Varsity/JV)

July 6 - 1st Day of Freshman Workouts

August 8 - Team/Individual Pictures

August 15 - Grid Iron Grill



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